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Too often in business we forget to take the time to say ''Thank You'' to our clients. So, I am taking a few moments out of my busy schedule to do just that. THANK YOU for your business, THANK YOU for your loyalty, THANK YOU for trusting me with the care, comfort , health and well being of your dogs. THANK YOU for letting me do what I do best everyday to make your pets look and feel great.

We feel we are an integral part of the lives of the pets we groom and their owners who love them. I have been in the pet industry over 40 years and one thing holds true. Year after year, the people who we cater to, take excellent care of their pets. Fortunately for the Pink Poodle, this love for animals continues to flourish and clients who care will continue to bring their pets to us to be professionally cared for because we will ALWAYS take pride in your pets looks and well being.



I started my dog showing and grooming career in 1967 and have provided a great place to bring your pets for styling in Indio, California. I owned and operated Tonya's Paws and Claws Grooming. My gorgeous toy and standard poodle has been styled pink which has turned us into Tonya's Pink Poodle. I have loved pink poodles since the 50's after seeing Marilyn Monroe and her pink poodles. I used to wear my pink poodle skirt to school in the 3rd and 4th grade. So my love for pink poodles has carried on for a lifetime.

I would like to once again thank you for bringing your pet to my Pink Poodle Shop and allowing me to be of the best service to you, our valued customer,



  Our Four Legged Friends Receive A Relaxed Atmosphere  
And Pleasant Grooming Experience
No Tranqulizers - Ever !
All dogs must be current with shots, rabies and
Bortetella. ( Kennel Cough )
If owner agrees, we call when grooming is complete. No need for your pet to stay any longer than necesary.
If you would like your pet to stay for the pet setting for the day or longer, please let us know a couple of days in advance to make sure we have a place for your pet. Holidays -- 2 week notice.
We use some of the finest grooming products on the market & all natural ingredients.
We wash your pet twice & conditioner.
Do you like bows, bandanas & polish?
I do, and make specialty bow's
for the holidays.
East Of Home Depot On Hwy 111
Open 9AM - 5PM   Tuesday - Saturday
80 - 126 Hwy 111  #4
E-Mail Tonya At:
Indio, CA.  92201
(760) 342-2672
Grooming Boutique Spa/Coloring Puppies Sires Dams Contact Us